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My biography

It is dependent on how we happened to be raised and I'm sure we all posess our so-called 'dream job' and while many people easily love the sort of cozy and gorgeous office jobs sitting behind the desk, this is simply not my kind. Before this, I was disillusioned into supposing that office job was the best alternative. I do not forget the times when I was in college and look at those folks in their business attire, I thought they were cool. Right after college, I was charged up about assembling my own management and business profession.

It is now 2 year after my graduation and things are not exactly identical as they always appear to me. What I at one point of time thought to be cool and glamorous proved to be horrendous. No, I am not failing. I actually had gotten myself into one of the fortune 500 firms in the world and that is real, I will be able reveal to you. After struggling 2 years of agony perched behind the worktable everyday and hoping for the clock hand to strike past 6 pm, I decided that I had enough.

Some people I talked to accuse me of being impulsive on the contrary I ought to assure you that it is not the way it is and preceding to making my big decision, I carried out my research and look around my classmates who happened to graduate from the same year as me. Incredibly, more than half of whom I talked to were in the identical circumstance or more terrible than myself. For us, financial was not the worry. Given that our country is still digging ourselves from the economic recession, we were decently remunerated.

My job at the office where I worked for was never at threat. In actuality, it has been the office politics that instigated my desire. I just could not be not who I am. I love getting into arguments but not when it is purely for the interest of quarrelling and not going for the best interest. I cannot picture myself actually doing this kind of thing for the remainder of my 20 or thirty years. My lifetime is too valuable, I imparted to myself. Since I have given up the corporate world, I just picture myself not reversing for regardless of the rationality.

Thanks to the money that I have piled up over the 2 years, I am currently pursuing my other love in life and that has something got to do with the kitchen. Despite the fact that my obsession is highly rigorous (you know how kitchen operates) and strenuous, I am enjoying myself consistently and time just flies without me ever noticing it.

This blog is penned based on my personal account and it is my way of expressing my feelings. They are just my means of sharing what I understand and go through every day. You may find my content stimulating and that is awesome. But even if not, worry not and thanks for dropping by.

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