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A lookback of 2014 happenings

From Ebola epidemic to the missing airplane. Just like with any other year, 2014 has had some happenings that are more essential than other occasions. According to my party, here are a few events that trembled the world and events that can make the year 2014 unforgettable. I'm unsure if I've covered them all but at least these have been the ones that I will remember the most. Thus, don't hesitate to add any other major happenings which you believe I may have left out yet they matched with the brink via commenting below to be in my list. 

2014 marked one of the largest calamities in the history of aeronautics business. Flight MH17 was shot down when flying across the war- . A total of 298 people onboard the plane was killed. The pro-Russian rebels were liable for this particular assault but it is still a puzzle on whether they shot down the airplane or for the reason of a mistaken identity. This occurrence has brought people fear as most travellers are now worried at the idea of flying on an airplane. 

2014 additionally marked one of the biggest technology acquisitions in our generation. Consistent together with the increasing use of smartphone is the rise of messaging programs. When Facebook comes to private messages, 9 in 10 of smartphone users rely on Whatsapp although all of us use it to keep track on our pals. Enough reason was given by the hundreds of millions devoted Whatsapp users for Facebook offer Whatsapp a whopping valuation of $22 billions and to dig deep in their own pocket. Such a gargantuan valuation is more than salivating by all means should you take into account that Whatsapp did have merely 70 employees at the time Facebook got it. It is adequate to make every Whatsapp worker a millionaire. It remains to be seen its new acquisition will become a giant cash cow. Hopefully we won't have to return to the olden days when we've got to cover each message. I can consistently live with freemium model and I really don't mind them charging for all the emoticons. But if they should resort to ads to generate income, it is one idea that I definitely do not wish to live with. 

Not all of us can recall the cost of petroleum at when the global financial crisis started in 2008. Back then, petroleum price was in the range of $60 per barrel. The following years found oil cost creeping to the highest point of $130 per barrel, much to the pain of many househould owners who saw their utility gasoline invoice doubling. Then finally the petroleum collapse came to happen in 2014, diving back to its price levels before 2008. All along I thought that lower oil price would be great for typical guy like me but I was puzzled when I read that such low cost is really bad for the global economy. At the conclusion of 2014, gasoline costs in many cities in the US had come down from its peak of $5 to less than $2. 2014 looked like the year that American vehicle owners are going to recall the most. 

To me, I remember the 2014 as the year when currency war took place. A heightened currency change qualified 2014 although no single state has attested to this occurrence that was evident. Few years back, the world accused China of keeping their Yuan artificially low so as to enhance demand for their export. But now we're seeing many countries doing something similar. Amongst all, the Japanese Yen is one large currency that took a huge drop in 2014. By the end of 2014, the Japanese Yen dropped by about 40% compared to where it was at the beginning of the year. This is clearly thanks to what is popularly known as Abenomics. South Korea and China have been worried and they've declared that some activities will undoubtedly be taken in the event the Japanese Yen continue its steady decrease. 

Besides the occasions who I have covered here, some of you might have your own occasions that are most memorable for the year 2014. That is something to be anticipated since the world be such a dreary place if everyone of us see the planet through the exact same lense. And based on your interests, you can see some occasions as more significant than I do.

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